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Carpet Installation

Rarely do people replace carpets in their homes. Actually, homeowners tend to shop for a new carpet a few times in their lives. Nowadays, it can be difficult to know which carpet is the accurate one when you have so many options available in the market.


What about changing the experience? Floors are changing all the time. Take a look at this guide that provides an array of options to choose the most accurate carpet. If you’re planning to replace your carpet, go over the most important things to take into account before purchasing one.


Beautiful carpets are the result of a mix between texture, style, feel, function, but the most important rely on the materials they are made of. We’ve summarized all important info you need to know about carpet fibers and carpet constructions so you choose the best one that meets your requirements. 


Carpet Fibers

Apart from making up the face of carpets, fibers are key when choosing your carpet as they are what you walk on. A carpet is made with fibers  that are woven into tufted or looped through a backing. A lot of fibers can be used to create a carpet, all of them with distinct features. Carpets are generally made from one of these types of carpet fibers:


  • Polyester

  • Nylon

  • Wool

  • Olefin


The difference among them will rely on durability, resistance, colorfastness and maintenance. 

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