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Painting Services

If you hire professional painting services, you won’t regret it. Our contractors are highly-experienced so they know when they need to power wash or use caulk to fill any hole. Our team wears uniforms and are trained to clear out all your doubts you might have regarding painting. 


At Abreu Tiles, our team of painters is constantly monitoring their own work, they are so perfectionists that you will leave you speechless. Painters will arrive on time and surpass your expectations regarding quality and deadlines. We guarantee you will be glad to have hired us for our professional painting service!


Designed to act as a transition piece between walls and ceiling, crown molding helps to create a detailed and finished look. All of our modern crown molding choices give an exact amount of detail to a diversity of applications in all your property. In the kitchen, by adding a cabinet crown molding will avoid dust and give a touch of class. There are a lot of options for you to choose and Abreu Tiles’ team will be glad to address any question you might have. 


Get in contact with us if you need help to choose among the crown molding options we offer. Our team will guide you to select the best one for your property.

Paint Supplies
Painting Ceiling

Commercial Drywall

Commercial drywall requires a reliable contractor with efficient tools to carry out large scale projects. Abreu Tiles can take care of projects of all sizes in Florida and surrounding areas. We are experienced enough and have the accurate tools to manage your project on time and reach the best standards. Our team is the perfect one if you need to repair, replace drywall after damage or if you are finishing a construction project. Give us a call today to set up a meeting for your next commercial drywall project. 


The Baseboard - Trim Work installation service 

Baseboards / Trim Work are meant  to visually complement the area where your walls meet your flooring. Baseboards and Trimming are an improvement  from the traditional thin plugs that separate cover the seams of where your walls meet your floors.


You can find baseboards and trimming in different materials, textures, styles, colors, and quality. Also, you can paint baseboards and trim work to embellish your walls and flooring. 


Abreu Tiles offers professional Baseboard - Trim Work installation services for your property. We will be eager to help!

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