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Linoleum Coating

Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation & Repair

Abreu Tiles is a locally owned company. We stand out from our competitors not only because we count with a great selection but also for our customized flooring services that we have been providing for a long time, which allows you to keep our customers in time. 


We focus on providing remarkable customer services, good-quality materials, and a highly-trained team specialized in all types of flooring and customized work. One of our goals is to achieve customer satisfaction, which is the key to keep our business growing. Our team has specialized in flooring not only for homes but also for commercial contractors.

Marble Floor

Tile & Marble is the Indoor

& Outdoor Flooring Company

Abreu Tiles is your indoor and outdoor flooring company as we provide long-lasting, reliable products needed to make your spaces more beautiful and create a relaxing atmosphere. We do not only offer residential but also commercial flooring options for you to choose among different designs, styles and colors. You can pick up the best option that best matches your budget and needs. We have the largest variety of indoor and outdoor flooring options, unique materials to make sure you find the best look for your property or business. You can get a look at our options by checking our website or come to our showroom to see the choices you’re looking for. We can provide you with an exact quote to avoid any kind of surprises!

Take a look at the different indoor and outdoor flooring we offer:


Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic tiles are a really decorative and ideal option to enhance any room. These tiles refresh environments and it’s hard to find any creative approach to your flooring needs as good as mosaic tiles.


Natural Stone:

If you want to bring natural beauty to your property, you should go for natural stone. These stones give an extra touch of class and style to any room.


Tile Flooring:

If you choose tile flooring, we have a large selection of tile flooring options in different styles, colors and designs that best match your expectations. Our team is prepared to guide you in deciding which is the most suitable tile option for your business or home.


Residential & Commercial Flooring:

We are specialists in residential and commercial flooring options. We provide a vast selection of high-quality products installed by our professionals in Ft. Lauderdale. Despite the style you’re looking for, we offer all the options you might need.


Tile Flooring Installation:

We work with experienced contractors who provide a reliable flooring installation. At Abreu Tiles we offer timely, high-quality service to make sure your flooring is durable. Our team will be glad to help you achieve your ideal flooring. 

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