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Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash 

Your kitchen backsplash tells a lot about your personality and style. 

What Is a Kitchen Backsplash?


Besides adding some personality and style to your kitchen, backsplashes are meant to protect your kitchen walls from kitchen liquid or food splatter.


Kitchen backsplashes are installed behind the countertop and stove, typically where splashes are really common. The measurements of the backsplash will depend on the design, your budget and the overall look you want to get in your kitchen. Even though most backsplashes rise up where cabinets end, there are some other instances in which they are really short or just the opposite and get a tiled look effect.

Minimalistic Kitchen

Backsplash Repair or Replacement

At Abreu Tiles we have enough experience in repairing your kitchen backsplash in case they are scratched  or you just want to replace it. First, we will assess the situation and report the damages to help you decide which are the most accurate steps to follow. If you need backsplash repair, we can make sure it will look awesome. If you need backsplash replacement, we will be in charge of the whole project. 


Professional Backsplash Installation

We have the best team of professionals to deliver a flawless and timely job. We are prepared to take care of every detail so you don’t need to be concerned and can enjoy your home. Get in contact with us today to discuss your ideas. 

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