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Pool Tiles

Pool Tile Installation and Remodeling

Pool needs a different type of tile. It has to be nonporous, and a coating must be spread to it, which prevents fading and cracking of the pool floor. Enameled floors are more water-resistant. Besides, coating makes maintenance much easier. There are a great variety of tiles that can be used for pool floors like mosaic, porcelain, spa tile or brick. In order for your pool to be attractive and beautiful, perfect flooring needs to be installed.Bear in mind that these special tiles need to fulfill certain technical requirements. 

Luxurious Pool
Private Pool

Abreu Tiles offers the best service when choosing the perfect tile for you. Sometimes, customers might not know much about the type of pool tiles required, so we provide outstanding guidance, planning and tile installation services to meet your expectations.

Fresh Clean Look

If you want to give your pool a fresh clean look, there are plenty of options you can go for to replace your aging and cracked tiles. Abreu Tiles offers reliable professional tile repair and restoration. Your broken and chipped tile pool will be back to life and it will be attractive once again. There’s no point in swimming in discolored tiled pools, hire us today to improve your pool and give it a fresh new look. We can choose among hundreds of design options or use replicas to maintain your original design.

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