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Tiles Installation

Tiles Installation Flooring

Flooring can contribute or not when embellishing any place. Although it is a really underrated element, if installed correctly, can have a positive impact on your property’s aesthetic. Only professionals can install tiles as it is considered an art. 


Flooring is a key element when renovating, remodeling or building your property. Floor Tiles are long-lasting, attractive and easy to maintain. Tiled floors make your home more elegant and modern, but if installed incorrectly by unprofessionals, they can destroy any area of a room. If done correctly, tile installation is a really good investment.


At Abreu Tiles, our team has the skills enough to carry out any service: perfection, patience and professionalism. Your task will be choosing the tiles you like and getting in contact with us. We will do the rest! We are specialists in tile installation projects.


It’s true that a poor floor can ruin your house, but adding an accurately installed tiled floor can give a touch of style to any place. Besides, if you go for skidproof floor tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, it can avoid potential accidents and wounds. If you live in an apartment, accurately installed tiles can also prevent leakages or water seepage that might damage the ceiling of the apartment below. Getting a properly installed tiled floor will make your house safe and beautiful. Go for it!


Abreu Tiles offers the best tile installation services in Florida. Finesse, timely services and value for money are guaranteed by us. Our goal is to make your lives more comfortable and your properties much more attractive. 


We recommend not to do the installation by yourself to avoid extra expenses. If you do so, flooring installation can be more expensive in the long run than if it is done by a professional. All in all, we suggest hiring a specialist tile contractor to carry out installation projects every day. This will be an investment at the end as it will save you from future maintenance expenditures. 

Floor Adhesive for Tiling

Why Should You Choose Us?

Installation is really important in the process. Don’t hesitate, and contact us today to get the best services for tile installation in town. 


We aim at making every home beautiful and keep our customers satisfied. We use the most updated tools and high-quality materials in all our projects. We are just here to make your dream come true!


By hiring Abreu Tiles, you will be in contact with reliable specialists recognized by their flawless work throughout Florida. Knowing that you are satisfied is our main concern. 


Every home and homeowner is unique. Thus, we offer a range of options to choose from to suit the needs of all our clients. We offer tiles of different materials and finishes, some of the popular choices are:


As every home is unique, we offer a great variety of options for you to choose that best suits all your needs. Tiles can vary in material and in finishes. Some of the most popular choices are:

Porcelain Tiles- long-lasting and frost resistant tiles

Ceramic Tiles- excellent quality water-resistant tiles

Glass Tiles- beautiful tiles that give way to natural lighting

Slate Tiles- fire resistant, strong tiles, will last many years in great condition.


If you are not sure about the tiles that best match your house, our experts can help you decide which is the best choice regarding style and budget. 

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